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It's 2023, and we're back for more
Music Under the Trees !

Mark your calendars for August 11-13, aim your car towards Mielke Park in Shawano, and get ready for a great weekend at one of the best small folk music festivals anywhere. Indoor evening concerts, outdoor daytime programs, quilts, crafters, good food, friends and our gloriously eclectic mix of great music.  What more could anyone ask for?

From the Directors  If this is your first time attending the Shawano Folk Music Festival, we are glad you’re here. We love to see new faces. We hope you fall in love with the festival as we have, and come back year after year. If you’re a regular, thank you for being here. We appreciate your ongoing support. It’s people like you who’ve kept this festival alive and made it so special. Whether you’re here for just a few hours or taking in the entire weekend, we hope you’ll cherish your time here and remember it fondly. We have had great fun putting the festival together. And remember that volunteers make this festival happen, whether it’s a 2-hour shift or joining the planning committee. Stop by the office and say hello or sign up for next year. We’d love to have you. 

On behalf of the entire Festival Planning Committee,
Linda Blohowiak & Emma Czarapata, ‘23 Directors

It's here!  The 2023 Shawano Folk Music Festival Program Book, ready for you to download.  Read it with your breakfast coffee. Share it with your friends. You'll find everything you need within its pages.  And please, support our advertisers. They help support the festival. 

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Music, Rain or Shine!

Last year, it rained on Saturday of Festival weekend. It rained a lot. It rained all morning. A lot. There was too much rain even to put music under the tents on the grounds. And you know what? The Festival went on!  The rain didn't dampen our spirits at all.  It dampened our shoes and our shirts, but not our spirits, and certainly not the music! 


How did we do it?  We moved it all indoors, into the Theater. Instead of singing for you on their own stages outside, some of your favorite artists set up inside the theater in a giant jam. Others did the same thing in the lobby. It was unplanned - and it was full of the kind of unplanned moments when musical magic happens.  The artists loved it, the audience loved it, and when the sky cleared everyone moved back outside and the rest of the day was the one we all planned on.

So that's our rain plan.  We shuffle and move and improvise, shift in one direction if it's a light sprinkle and in another direction if it's a downpour.  Either way, we make sure the weekend is still full of music, even if it's a little wet. It may not be what we planned, but it can sure be magic!   

Come to the Festival, rain or shine. If you want to, you can bring an umbrella.  You can be sure there will be music, because music doesn't melt when it gets wet. It just keeps singing.

We don’t want anyone to get sick by enjoying live music. We’re crossing our fingers, hoping COVID-19 allows the Festival to happen again with live music in the park. We’ll follow CDC and Wisconsin Department of Health guidelines in place at the time. Join us in crossing fingers and toes.

We’re still singing, and we hope you’ll all join us under the trees for our 45th year.

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