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The Annual Quilt Raffle

The Quilt Raffle is a Festival tradition in Shawano. Talented quilters have donated their pieced quilts to us so that we can pass them on to you. Anyone who has ever made a quilt knows what a gift these quilts have been!  It’s called the Quilt Raffle, but it’s more than quilts.  Musicians donate CDs and other merchandise. Crafters donate their goods. Sometimes, there's an afghan. Proceeds from the Raffle help keep the Festival affordable.

The 2024 Quilt


Quilt pic 24.jpg

This year’s quilt was made by Jennifer Tagliapietra from Clintonville, WI. This is Jennifer’s first time donating a quilt for the Shawano Festival and she made it especially for this year’s raffle. The quilt pattern she chose is the classic “Rail Fence.” It’s made from fabric strips arranged in a repeating pattern. Jennifer has placed them in a “stairstep” pattern – one of several ways to arrange the squares. Like so many classic quilt patterns, the design comes from daily life. “Rail Fence” was named after a scene common along country roads even today - the split rail or cedar rail fence. Jennifer’s quilt is made from beautiful shades of turquoise and gray fabric. Her quilt is 86: x 88” and will fit a queen size bed.

Thank you, Jennifer, for the hours of work and love that went into making this wonderful quilt! It will be displayed on the stage during Evening Concerts, and at the Raffle Table during the day.

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