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The Annual Quilt Raffle

The Quilt Raffle is a Festival tradition in Shawano. Talented quilters have donated their pieced quilts to us so that we can pass them on to you. Anyone who has ever made a quilt knows what a gift these quilts have been!  It’s called the Quilt Raffle, but it’s more than quilts.  Musicians donate CDs and other merchandise. Crafters donate their goods. Sometimes, there's an afghan. Proceeds from the Raffle help keep the Festival affordable.

The 2023 Quilt


Quilt 2023 smaller.jpg

The 2023 Quilt comes with a story. The 72” x 90” quilt was made by Arlene Stucker, one of the quilters who made beautiful quilts for the Festival for many years and retired from quilting a few years ago. It was donated to the Festival by Ron Dennis. He knew Arlene’s daughter, who introduced Ron to the Festival about 25 years ago. He soon joined the Festival planning committee and over the years, he’s handled Open Stage, photography, and served as Festival Director. At some point, Arlene gave this quilt to Ron (he doesn’t remember exactly when).  He treasured it for many years, but never used it. This year, he gave this beautiful quilt to us for the Quilt Raffle. 

Thank you, Ron and Arlene.

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