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Music, arts and crafts go together. Crafters are an important part of the Shawano Folk Music Festival. Stroll through the park during the day to find handmade instruments, soaps and candles, jewelry, knitted and crocheted goods, and other arts and crafts. Some of the crafters demonstrate their artistry. All of them love to answer your questions.

Some of the 2023 Crafters


Big Dog Wood Crafts:  Derek & Catherine Dodson make writing pens of exotic woods and acrylics, cutting boards made of domestic hardwoods, charcuterie boards made of wood and resin, coasters and miscellaneous resin items.

Cubes:  Tammy Waters with sewn and crocheted work.

Blooming Flatware:    Liz Cardimona creates art from plastic flatware, along with outdoor yard pieces, earrings, table pieces, solarlights and more. Prints of original artwork matted & woodcarvings.

Fairy Findings:  Emmy Jo Kretche makes freeze dried candy, lotion bars, lip balms and cookie baking kits. 

Amy Hysel makes knitted items, dish cloths, doll clothes, pumpkins, misc

Kathy L. Olson and Kathy Kozys:  Microwave bowl kozys, pot holders, earrings, keychains, chapstick holders, can kozys, blankets and more.

Todd Roush returns with handmade Mountain Dulcimers and other wooden instruments.

Smiling Otter Traders comes back to Shawano with beaded jewelry and other items.

Austin Stickney:  Painting on rocks, canvas and wood. Still life animal sculptures.

Wildflower Tiny Studio:  Kerie Karls.  Mixed media paintings & original fine art prints. Acrylic & Charcoal, oil pastel, embroidery, fabric, etc.

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