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Mielke Park & Mielke Arts Center

The Shawano Folk Music Festival has one of the best sites imaginable for a small summer folk music festival. It’s beautiful, it’s big enough for outdoor stages, yet small enough to feel intimate and friendly.

Mielke Park is a small wooded County Park. Footpaths meander through the trees, connecting a few small clearings. It's got a big pond, a playground, an amphitheater and an air-conditioned theater. A pair of bald eagles has found a home at the top of one of the park’s tall trees. 

Evening Concerts are in Mielke Arts Center, a small black-box theater in the center of the park. Daytime programs are on multiple stages under tents in the park’s clearings. There’s a food court just outside the Arts Center, and crafters along the foot paths. The Mielke Arts Center is managed by the Shawano County Arts Council. 

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