Honorary Director Quilt

In 2008 we asked Anna Lee Scully to come back in 2009 as Honorary Director. We weren't sure what that title meant but she accepted, and we gave her a Director’s Crown and Sceptre (a black beret and a backscratcher *).We asked Lil Rev to accept that position for 2010. This time, we asked him to create a quilt square. That was the beginning of the Honorary Director Quilt. Now, the honoree helps select one performer, adds a square to the growing quilt, and passes the Crown and Sceptre to the next Honorary Director.  There are no design instructions except … “add a square to the quilt – anything you want - and bring it back next year.” The resulting quilt is a cacophony of color and design.  A delight! 

In 2019 Pat Wiley (our 2020 Honorary Director) took the quilt home. He  added a square to the quilt, and then his wife took it apart, and carefully put it back together. Now it lays flat for the first time!  Thanks, Terri!

Honorary Director Quilt 2021.jpg

* While Lil Rev had custody of the Crown and Sceptre, he moved.  During the chaos of moving, the Sceptre was misplaced, so Rev passed on a replacement Sceptre – a lovely glitter rod. He later found the original backscratcher, so now there are two.

2021  The Honorary Director Quilt ... so far

Lil Rev.jpg

2009: Lil' Rev


2010:  Patchouli

Don Morman.jpg

2011: Don Morman Family Band

Mustards Retreat 1.jpg

2012: Mustard's Retreat

Matt Watroba.jpg

2013: Matt Watroba 

Joe Crookston_edited.jpg

2014: Joe Crookston

Brother Sun 1_edited.jpg

2015: Brother Sun


2016: Mark Dvorak


2017: Tom Pease


2018: Frogwater


2019: Claudia Schmidt (with help from Sally Rogers


2020 and 2022:  Pat Wiley