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Thank You

So many years ... So many people to thank ... And we're not done yet!

"Thank You" to the people and organizations who've given the money or the goods and services to run this festival.

"Thank You" to more than 40 years of volunteers. None of this happens without you.

"Thank You" to everyone who's bought a ticket, sat in the audience and joined in. You're why we do this. 

"Thank You" to the artists - the musicians, singers, songwriters, dancers, storytellers, and crafters. Just "thank you."

"Thank You" to the businesses who've supported us along the way, purchasing ads and saying yes when we need help.

"Thank You" to SCAC. They've given us a festival site that's everything we could want.

Together, we've created something pretty extraordinary.  Thank you. 

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2022 Donors

Ron & Lisa Alexander

Rob Billings

Linda Blohowiak

Donna G. Bubulz, in honor of Arlene Stucker

Lyle & Laura Chevrette

Emma Czarapata

Ron Dennis

Sue Franke

Nick Gorr - In honor of Larry Kempf

Kathryn & Bill Grahl

Charlie & Debbie Harvey

Marty Hinshelwood, in honor of Fred Hinshelwood

Barbara Hoye

Marvin D. Jensen

Janet Kautz

Ron Klatt

​Phil & Bonnie Lemmens

Tom & Mary Madsen

Ramona Makos

Matty Mathison & Harlan Pygman

Bill & Margie Metros



Rusty Mitchell, in honor of Marion Mitchell

Sue and Jim Petru, in honor of Wayne

and Dori, Festival volunteers

Jeff & Donna Prange

Kazuko Rand

Tod Roush

Loretta Sawyer

Meg Skinner

Dean Sauers & Mary Swifka

Michael & Rita Shores

Ed Smith & Gloria Gaie

Linda Smith - In honor of Peg Harthun, my sisters Heide & Amy & wonderful volunteers who make this event happen

Swedberg Funeral Home

Steve & Nancy Thompson

Ann & Bob Van Grinsven

Dorothy Zerbe, in honor of Bill Staines

Anonymous donor, in honor of David Habeck

Other Anonymous Donors




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