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Meet the Volunteers

We're music lovers. City folk and country folk. Artists, writers, dancers, musicians, teachers, shopkeepers, retired people and students. Experienced volunteers and newbies. Old, young and in-between.  We live nearby and we live far away.  We're a real eclectic group and you'll fit right in!


What do we do?

We do it all and have fun doing it! Along with the musicians, artists, audience and the community, we make the festival happen. We select musicians, schedule the programs, set up stages and take them down, hang posters, cook, clean, sell tickets and do everything that needs doing. Some jobs last all year, and some last only a few hours, so there's something rewarding for everyone. 

What our volunteers say ...


Linda: “I started as gatekeeper chair and I’ve done ticket sales, volunteer chair, secretary, treasurer and was co-director five times. I love music and dancing and love being part of a group that shares my passions. Besides making some lifelong friends, one of the best perks . . . is being up close and personal with the musicians.”

Patti: "I'm new to folk music and Wisconsin. Volunteering is a wonderful way to learn about this musical style. Working with such a knowledgeable and enthusiastic group is a joy."


Wayne: “I love the music, of course.  But mostly it’s the people I’ve met - many have become friends. The performers, the other volunteers and the audience, all doing it together. It’s great. It goes by in just a moment, but what a great moment it is!” 


Dean: ". . . it's become a part of my family life. My daughters have grown up meeting and befriending the performers and volunteers, and it is now an important part of their lives as well." 

Dori: “I love it. What more can I say?  It's a weekend full of music, excitement, fun, and just a little chaos. It’s always rewarding and I’m lucky to be part of it.” 

2023 Directors, Linda Blohowiak and Emma Czarapata

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