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Spring Is Coming

As the snow slowly leaves us and the weather turns warmer I get excited! Spring is in the air and summer won't be far behind. The joys of sap gathering, bird watching, lake ice receding, and trout fishing are just up ahead. But not too much farther on is the 42nd annual Shawano Folk Festival, an event that I've come to look forward to almost as much as a beautiful brook trout at the end of my line.

I've been involved with the festival for going on 25 years and this year I have a new ro le: co-director.The sound of that title scared the crap out of me for many years because I know how hard everyone works to put on the greatest folk festival in the state year after year. I took the role because I love the festival and I'm one of those guys that just likes to help out in a leadership role when I can. I guess it's the coaching background. The point is, Dori and Becky and I want you to love this festival as much as we do and we've worked really hard with the rest of the committee to make this year's festival fantastic.

The lineup this year may be one of the best we've ever put together. We have everything from beloved performers from years past (Mark Dvorak, Michael Smith, Anne Hills, and Sparky and Rhonda Rucker) to folk legends that have yet to grace our stages (Josh White, Jr.). We've got fun, new, up and coming acts (The Sapsuckers) and incredibly talented musicians (Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra and the Georgia Rae Family Band.) and more! I can't tell you how excited I am to get back to the Mielke and the woods and the eagles and the friends that make this event a family tradition. If you've never been to our festival, we can't wait to meet you and if you have been a part of it, we can't wait to see you again!


Dean Simon

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