• Dean Simon

Monday, 3/9/20

We’re finally online with a new website for the Shawano Folk Music Festival! Not done, but online - with part of a new website. Getting even this far has been an adventure. Like most of you, we know how to USE websites. We even think we’re pretty good at it. We can google with the best of them and find our way to the info we want. We can download and upload and copy and paste and email and do all those good things. So we said, “Sure, we’ll create a website! No problem …. ” Well, we’re learning.

One of the things we learned was that words are important things. Getting them right can make everything easier. (One of us said “buttons.” Another said “tabs.” Nothing worked right until we figured out that the software said “menu.” We’re learning. Please be patient as we learn more and continue our adventure.

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