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2021 - We're coming back singing!

When we started putting this year's festival together, I ran into an immediate dilemma. The question was, "What year is this?" A simple question, right? You'd think it would have a simple answer. But look at it this way ... 2019 was the festival's 41st year. One festival every year since 1979. So 2020 would have been our 42nd year. And this year -2021 - would have to be our 43rd year. Pretty straightforward, right? Except that be had to cancel last year. There was no festival in 2020, so there was no 42nd festival. You see the question here, don't you? Is 2021 the 42nd Shawano Folk Music Festival? Or is it the 43?

An executive decision was in order. Last year's festival was the 42nd. It wasn't our usual weekend festival. We didn't gather with our friends and sing our hearts out together, in person, face to face. But when that August weekend rolled around, we gathered in our imaginations. We sang together, danced together, shared hugs and kisses and laughter. Just not physically. Now, we all know that imagination is one of the most powerful forces on earth, so we can honestly say that 2020 was a great festival, in a weird kind of way. And we can say that the 2021 festival is the 43rd and that it'll be great (and not as weird).

We're all excited about being able to gather to sing again in a real, physical way, even if it's not in our traditional festival format. We'll get some details out very soon. Please join us on Saturday, August 14th.

And plan to join us in 2022 for our 44th year, in our traditional format, at our traditional site.

Imagination is always welcome!

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